Glow Fossil Science Kit Reviewed

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A Review of the Glow Fossil Science Kit

Budding young palaeontologists get the chance to build their own glow in the dark Tyrannosaurus rex skull, excavate a replica of fossilised shark’s tooth and to make casts of fossils in this well thought out and cleverly designed glow fossil science kit.

The Glow Fossil Science Kit

Ideal for budding young palaeontologists

Ideal for budding young palaeontologists.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This fun science kit is aimed at children from 8 years and upwards, although slightly younger children who are dinosaur fans would enjoy these activities too, although they may require more adult supervision.  The kit is supplied in a sturdy box and contains everything that is needed t play like a young palaeontologist and learn some of the aspects involved with studying fossils.  For example, the skull of the T. rex is easy to assemble and comes with a handy display stand to mount it on.  The glow in the dark shark’s tooth can be found in a gypsum plaster block and the tools required to dig it out, to excavate the shark’s tooth are contained within the kit.

Once the tooth has been freed, the leather cord, that also comes with the kit, can be used to make a shark’s tooth necklace, although we would advise some adult supervision when it comes to tying the tooth to the cord.  It is a good idea to put plenty of newspaper down and to work on a flat service, once the tooth has been excavated, the plaster remains can be disposed of.  Do not be tempted to throw the remains of the plaster block down the sink, there is a risk that the plaster could block the drain.

Jam Packed with Fossil Themed Activities

contains plaster, digging tool, paints, special glow paint, fossil moulds, brush etc.

The Glow Fossil Science kit contains plaster, digging tool, paints, special glow paint, fossil moulds, brush etc.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Included in this kit, there is a plastic tray that contains the moulds used to make fossil casts.  For instance, using the plaster of paris casting powder that is provided (two packets per science kit), a replica of the fossilised shell of an ammonite can be made.  There are also moulds for a trilobite, a fossilised fish and a three-toed, tridactyl dinosaur footprint.

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A set of paints and a small paint brush is provided, along with some special glow paint that once applied makes the items glow in the dark.  We noted that it only took a few minutes exposure to a light source to make the fossils that we had created glow.  We advise that the paint brush be reserved for painting, it is best not to use it to brush away any pieces of plaster when excavating the various model pieces.

The moulds are very detailed and there is plenty of plaster in the kit to make several casts, this is a well-crafted junior science kit that will thrill young dinosaur fans.