Dinosaurs Help Out at Hospital

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Everything Dinosaur Supports the Renal Unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital (West Midlands, England), were holding an open day so that children and their parents/guardians could see some of the work that the Renal Unit does before they themselves were admitted for treatment.  Going into hospital can be a bit of an ordeal, and the nursing team wanted to highlight the importance of strong, healthy bones and eating the right foods, taking the right medicines and taking good care of yourself.  The team hit upon the idea of getting the children to look at the bones of dinosaurs and learning all about prehistoric animals, using dinosaurs and their fossilised bones to get some important points across.

Dinosaurs at the Hospital

The experts at Everything Dinosaur were contacted and team members busied themselves by sorting out the information and the resources the hospital needed to help make their “bone themed” open day a success.  As well as providing lots of writing and drawing materials, fossil find dig kits were supplied so that the children could experience what it is like to excavate dinosaur bones, using very similar items to those tools we actually use when working at a dig station in the field.

A Couple of Budding Palaeontologists Getting to Grips with the Dig Kits

Children at Birmingham Children's Hospital learn about their bones by studying dinosaurs.

Children at Birmingham Children’s Hospital learn about their bones by studying dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Patient Information Day

The Patient Information Day at Birmingham Children’s Hospital was held on Saturday 7th April, it went really well and the dinosaurs proved to be a big hit with the children and the grown ups too.  The Birmingham Children’s Hospital is one of the United Kingdom’s leading hospitals for the treatment of rare diseases.

The dedicated staff work very hard to help and assist the patients in every way that they can.  Everything Dinosaur team members were happy to help and some of the busy staff at the hospital very kindly sent us some photos of the children and the adults having fun as they played with the kits, excavated dinosaurs, built models and generally got to grips with all things Dinosauria.

Everything Dinosaur

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