Tyrannosaurus rex Glow in the Dark Skeleton Wall Sticker Reviewed

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A Review of the T. rex Glow in the Dark Skeleton Wall Sticker

Tyrannosaurus rex, the Late Cretaceous dinosaur famed with its huge teeth and powerful jaws is very popular with young dinosaur fans, both boys and girls and here is a half metre long glow in the dark wall sticker to help make any child’s bedroom their very own Jurassic Park.

T. rex Skeleton Sticker

It can often be quite tricky trying to create a child’s bedroom with a dinosaur theme.  Posters and such like certainly help but when it is bedtime the wall posters cannot be seen any more, but this Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton can as it glows in the dark.  Once exposed to a light source for a few minutes the plastic pieces that make up this wall display item are able to glow with an inflorescence and quite a striking image this little kit makes too.

The Tyrannosaurus rex Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Sticker Kit

A glow in the Dark T. rex wall poster

A glow in the Dark T. rex wall poster.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Easy to Assemble

The pieces are easy to put together, the handy picture on the front of the pack that this kit is supplied in shows the glow in the dark skeleton assembled.  It  provides all the guidance that is required and it only takes a few minutes to construct the Tyrannosaurus rex.  Then it is just a question of deciding where to display it.

Most young dinosaur fans (recommended age is three years plus), would be delighted with this glow in the dark kit, but just to make sure that your young palaeontologists does not get too frightened, it might be a good idea to leave the pieces out on the floor for the first night, so that the child can get used to the glow in the dark dinosaur effect.

To further ease any initial worries about a scary dinosaur in their bedroom at night, get the child to help put together the skeleton and to assist in deciding where in the bedroom this wall sticker is to be put up.

Dinosaur Skeleton Poster

This dinosaur skeleton kit is certainly big, when put together it measures more than fifty centimetres in height, so a considerable amount of wall space is required to show it off.  We found the darker the wall, the better the kit appeared to look.

The kit can be easily taken off the wall and re-positioned if required.  One tip that we found particularly useful was to glue the skeleton onto a piece of black material, sticking it to a large, square section of cardboard that had been painted black worked equally well.  Then it was simply a question of pinning up the material or hanging the cardboard backing on the wall.

The dark background effect that this creates really shows off the glow in the dark properties of the plastic pieces.

Mounted on a Dark Background to Maximise the Glow in the Dark Effect

Over half a metre high.

Over half a metre high.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Even a few minutes exposure to natural light seemed to charge up the skeleton so that it glowed quite effectively once the bedroom light was turned off.

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This is an inexpensive and cleverly designed glow in the dark  T. rex  kit.  Admittedly, the skeleton may not be all that anatomically correct but it is accurate enough with the large skull and big teeth to make young dinosaur fans look forward to bedtime.

Dinosaurs at Bedtime – Glowing T. rex Skeleton

Night time with Dinosaurs.

Night time with Dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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