Children Study Dinosaurs at School

Children at a Cheshire primary school have enjoyed studying all things dinosaur during the spring term.  So enthusiastically did the whole school embrace this term topic that the caretaker decided to help the eager, young palaeontologists create their very own dinosaur land.   Given the weather in March, it might have been more appropriate to have studied the Ice Age, but thanks to a visit from one of the experts at Everything Dinosaur, the Year 2 pupils did manage to get their hands on a selection of Woolly Mammoth teeth.

Pupils Study Dinosaurs

Working in co-operation with the teaching team, the caretaker made a number of wooden, prehistoric animal cut-outs.  Then, with the assistance of the children the cut-outs were painted and then positioned in the school’s wildlife garden.

Children Create their Own Dinosaur Display

clay dinosaur models.

Clay dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Dinosaur Teaching Topic

The caretaker explained that when he heard about the dinosaur teaching topic, he thought about how he could help and decided to use some spare paint and some scrap wood to build the two-dimensional dinosaur props.  During a break in the dinosaur workshop, our fossil expert was given a tour of the school’s very own “Jurassic Park”.  The brightly coloured dinosaur cut-outs made a wonderful display and the children were keen to demonstrate what they had learned by recalling information on each of the prehistoric animals.

To view the wide range of dinosaur themed toys and gifts available from Everything Dinosaur’s user-friendly website: Dinosaur Toys and Gifts.

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