New Dinosaur Themed Puzzles – Have You Evolved Enough to Solve Them?

More puzzles have been added to the Everything Dinosaur product range.  After the completion of the  testing programme four travel puzzles/games have been approved and have been posted up on the company’s website.  The puzzles include a magnetic Tyrannosaurus rex jigsaw, plus a dinosaur themed magnetic pyramid puzzle, dinosaur draughts and a magnetic dinosaur themed brain teaser.

New Puzzles

The dinosaur draughts (dinosaur checkers), along with the other three items are designed to played on the move, to help keep young palaeontologists occupied on car, boat or plane journeys.  In the dinosaur draughts game, one set of counters has a picture of a Triceratops, these are pitted against the opposing counters that have an image of a T. rex on them.  It seems that this travel game actually reflects real dinosaur conflicts, as palaeontologists are fairly confident that based on substantial fossil evidence, T. rex and the herbivorous Triceratops really did battle it out.

The Dinosaur Checkers (Dinosaur Draughts Game)

T. rex versus Triceratops

T. rex versus Triceratops.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Travel Games

These travel games are light, pocket-sized and great for keeping budding young palaeontologists occupied on journeys.  They are suitable for children from four years and upwards and all the puzzles except the checkers can be played by an individual.  When these items were on test with our field testers, one of the ways in which the puzzles such as the Pyramid Magnetic Brain Teaser puzzle (picture below) could be adapted for a multi-player format  was to time how long each child took to solve the puzzle.  The winner was the one with the quickest time.

The puzzles are actually quite hard, there are thousands of possibilities but only one solution that lines up all the pictures of the stegosaurs, Velociraptors and Iguanodons in the correct way.

Dinosaur Themed Pyramid Magnetic Brain Teaser

Tougher than it looks!

Tougher than it looks!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The team members at Everything Dinosaur are proud of their educational games that they sell.  Each one has to be approved by the teachers/dinosaur experts in the company and of course they have to have an appropriate dinosaur theme.

To celebrate the addition of these new puzzles and games, over the weekend a new banner for the Everything Dinosaur website was created that features some of these new products.

Dinosaur Themed Puzzles and Educational Games

Dinosaur Themed Educational Puzzles and Games.

Dinosaur themed educational puzzles and games.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Just click on the banner image to be taken to the educational games section of the Everything Dinosaur website.  We look forward to adding more products over the next few weeks.

To view the range of dinosaur themed educational puzzles and games: Dinosaur Toys and Gifts.