Prehistoric Insects in Amber Jelly – Simple Dinosaur Themed Treat

Another month is nearly at an end, it might be difficult to get over the concept of “Deep Time” when explaining aspects of the Earth Sciences but for us at the moment it is a question of wondering where 2012 has gone – time is whizzing by as we head towards Christmas.  Tonight being “All Hallows Eve” we thought we would get into the “spirit” of the occasion by putting up a short (4 mins 22 seconds) video that we made the other day explaining how to create prehistoric insects in amber – an ideal treat for Halloween fans or for budding palaeontologists.

In this video we explain how to make your very own preserved remains of insects in amber jelly squares.   It is easy to do, fun to make and with the jelly setting time taken into consideration this recipe takes about six hours (ten minutes to make up the jelly and so on but with about six hours required for the jelly pieces to set in the fridge).

We get asked a lot about dinosaur party food, this recipe is an ideal dessert for a dinosaur themed birthday party, but instead of individual portions we just make up a big bowl of jelly instead.

Prehistoric  Insects Preserved in Amber Jelly

How to Make a Prehistoric Themed Halloween Treat – Prehistoric Insects Preserved in Amber by Everything Dinosaur.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

For further information on how to make up this tasty treat, check out our earlier article where we went through the recipe step-by-step and including plenty of pictures too.

Preserved Insects/Amber Recipe: Prehistoric Party Treats.

So have a safe and happy Halloween from everyone at Everything Dinosaur.

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