Papo Brachiosaurus Reviewed

The first stocks of the new Papo Brachiosaurus dinosaur model have arrived at Everything Dinosaur and in between packing orders for customers we talk time off to produce a short video review on this super new Sauropod replica.

Everything Dinosaur’s Review of the Papo Brachiosaurus

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this brief product review (video is a just under four minutes long), we provide a little more information on the new Papo Brachiosaurus.   This is the largest dinosaur model yet made by Papo, it was originally scheduled to be released in the early Summer and it has been worth waiting for.  Made with a leaning towards the more traditional image of the Brachiosauridae this is a fine replica and one that will prove popular with collectors no doubt.

To view the Papo range at Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaurs

To enquire about the Papo Brachiosaurus or to ask for more information about this particular Papo replica simply email Everything Dinosaur at: Contact Everything Dinosaur

If the likes of “Arm Lizard” were alive today then an adult could look into the window of a five-storey office block.  The arm and hand of the Brachiosauridae are exceptionally long and the humerus is longer than the femur so the shoulders are very high and the back slopes downwards.  Most Brachiosaur remains are associated with strata laid down in the Upper Jurassic (Tithonian faunal stage).

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