Providing an Illuminating Talk on Late Cretaceous Theropods in Coventry

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy writing a synopsis for a speaking appointment next month at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry (England).  Staff at this city centre museum have already seen the company present various dinosaur themed workshops aimed at families as part of their “Dinosaurs Uncovered” exhibition which is open until January 2013.

Sent to Coventry

Now events staff have asked Everything Dinosaur to present a talk on an aspect of the Dinosauria to the audience at Herbert Illuminations – a monthly, free drop in session held at lunchtime at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum.    With so much going on in the world of vertebrate palaeontology and with the Dinosauria in particular at the moment, it is going to be difficult to boil things down into a forty-five minute presentation with questions to follow, after all with approximately 160 million years of dinosaur evolution there is certainly no lack of subject material.

Recalling some of the work undertaken on recent science teaching and other outreach projects the talk will focus on the developments in our understanding of that most famous of all Late Cretaceous clades of theropods – The tyrannosaurids.  Expect other super predators to get a look in, abelisaurids perhaps, certainly expect the North African Spinosauridae to be featured with due respects to Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach et al.

Everything Dinosaur

At the weekend we sat down and brainstormed what we ought to cover (or should that be brainstemed), the working title was “Everything you wanted to know about T. rex but were afraid to ask”!  Given the ongoing debate in relation to super predators and given the latest research into the tyrannosaurs and their tendency to dominate those ecosystems in which these carnivores were present we came up with the slightly more catchy title of “T. rex bites back!”

The Proposed Marketing Slide for the Talk

Update on the tyrannosaurids.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The talk is to take place at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum on Tuesday 20th November, we will put up a link when the publicity for the talk has been posted.

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