Everything Dinosaur’s Model Set Reviewed

It can be frustrating searching for a reasonably priced  dinosaur model set for young dinosaur fans.  There are certainly a number of products of this type on the market but one of the problems with purchasing lots of prehistoric animal models is where to store them once playtime is over.  The innovative “dinosaurs in a tin” set effectively solves this problem as the twelve prehistoric animals supplied come in a sturdy tin box which doubles up as a very handy storage device to make sure that the dinosaurs and their prehistoric animal chums do not get misplaced.

Dinosaur Model Set

Everything Dinosaur’s “Dinosaurs in a Tin” Play Set

An inexpensive gift for young dinosaur fans.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The tin is painted with a colourful dinosaur theme, featuring a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus rex which is fortunate as most of the sets sent out contain at least one horned dinosaur figure and a model of a large carnivorous dinosaur like a T. rex.

Metal Tin Dimensions

The metal tin measures approximately twenty centimetres long by fifteen centimetres wide and it is just about eight centimetres deep, ample room to store the twelve different prehistoric animal models supplied.  The models themselves vary in size from between ten centimetres to over thirteen centimetres in length and each set is checked by hand to make sure that twelve different models are supplied.  The range of models the set can feature is quite wide.  The models are taken from a series of twenty-four which have been selected and approved by dinosaur experts.  Purchasers can expect to have a range of plant-eating and meat-eating dinosaurs included, but the model range available also includes a marine reptile figure (plesiosaur), a flying reptile, the pterosaur known as Pteranodon and even a dicynodont in the form of a replica of the Triassic Placerias.

Attractive Dinosaur Metal Tin

Colourful dinosaur box.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Each of the prehistoric animal models has an identity code stamped in an unobtrusive part of the underside. When this two digit code is read, then dinosaur fans, if they want to, can contact the company and get information about the specific prehistoric animals the figures represent.  The ability to be able to identify and learn about the individual dinosaurs has proved invaluable to parents of young palaeontologists.  A pronunciation guide can even be supplied to help with the long, often complicated dinosaur names.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of dinosaur model sets: Dinosaur Gifts and Toys.

For parents and guardians whose children have developed a fascination for all things Dinosauria, this set makes a inexpensive gift and the metal box makes an ideal and robust storage box – a handy tin storage box in which to contain your dinosaurs until it’s time to play again.

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