A Review of “Prehistoric Times” (Fall 2012)

The autumn 2012 edition of “Prehistoric Times”, the magazine for dinosaur fans and model collectors has arrived and as always there is a scramble amongst as to who gets to read it first.  Inside this quarterly magazine there is an exclusive interview with the grandson of the famous Czechoslovakian artist Zdeněk Burian, a brilliant illustrator of prehistoric animals and a man whose paintings have graced countless books about dinosaurs.

“Prehistoric Times”

For fans of placoderms there is a feature on how a giant Dunkleosteus model was made for use in American museums and Tracy Lee Ford presents a highly informative piece on the pathology found within dinosaur fossil specimens.  The two main prehistoric animals featured in this edition are the diplodocid Amargasaurus, as we tend to call this animal “the dinosaur that thought it was a dragon” – see the pictures and drawings to get what we mean and the voracious Repenomamus – a mammal that fed on dinosaurs.

For models and replicas of Dunkleosteus and other prehistoric animals: Age of Dinosaurs Replicas (PNSO).

The Latest Edition of Prehistoric Times

Prehistoric Times (Autumn 2012) reviewed.

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

“The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs”

Gregory S Paul’s and his amazing book “The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs” is updated with the author himself providing information on the books content, its layout and introducing some new ideas and illustrations.  “The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs”, is to be found on our office shelves it is regularly read by our team members and it is super book which we highly recommend.  Note to other Everything Dinosaur team members we must include this volume in our blog series about favourite dinosaur books.

Lots of updates about fossil finds in the Palaeo. news section including information on the new feathered dinosaur discovery Sciurumimus, look out for the Tyrannosaurus rex skull drawing done by Mike Fredericks (magazine editor) on page 48, we recognise this drawing as this is the illustration that Mike provided us when we asked him for a motive to help us with a T-shirt design project we have been working on.

As always, “Prehistoric Times” is packed full of model reviews and news stories, congratulations to Mike Landry for his superb, fuzzy Amargasaurus illustration, my nieces particular favourite in this edition.

“Prehistoric Times”, an excellent magazine for the serious dinosaur fan, to visit “Prehistoric Times” website, simply click the link below:

Visit “Prehistoric Times”: “Prehistoric Times” Magazine.

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