Latest News on the Brachiosaurus from Papo of France

Sources close to Everything Dinosaur have reported that the first stocks of the new Papo Brachiosaurus model are currently being painted in the factory before being shipped out to Papo’s European distribution hub (France).  Shipments are expected to be arriving in France by the end of the 19th October.

Papo Brachiosaurus Model

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur (UK retailer of dinosaur models), commented that if this schedule was followed then this new model should be available from the company a few days after the stock had been sorted and allocated in France.

Papo Brachiosaurus Ready for Loading (artists impression)

Papo Brachiosaurus ready for shipping (nearly).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The spokesperson also confirmed that space had been made available in the Everything Dinosaur warehouse to accommodate this new model’s arrival.  Plans are in place to email all the customers who had requested that a Brachiosaurus be reserved for them, team members already having been assigned to the task of  managing the reserved models list and contacting customers.

Fingers crossed that everything goes OK with this last Papo release in 2012.

To view the range of Papo dinosaur models and prehistoric animal figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur’s user-friendly and award-winning website: Papo Prehistoric Animal Figures and Dinosaur Models.

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