Models that are being Retired by Safari Ltd in 2013

Safari Ltd have announced which of their figures and replicas are going to be retired in 2013.   A number of models are not going to be made, but for dinosaur fans and collectors of prehistoric animal figures we shall focus here on those retirements from the Wild Dinos range and of course the company’s Carnegie Collectibles range of scale models.

Prehistoric Animal Figures

With the introduction in 2012 of the modified Brachiosaurus model showing the latest interpretation of Macronarian posture, it was always likely that the older Brachiosaurus model in the Carnegie Collectibles range would be retired.  Safari Ltd have finally called time on the large 1:50 scale model (product code 412001), no more of these large brachiosaurs are going to be produced.

Due for Retirement – Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus being put out to grass.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Safari Ltd are not abandoning entirely this robust, swan-neck model type when it comes to it’s model range.  A very similar Brachiosaurus with a slightly more modern posture (tail raised), is going to be introduced next year but this time in the Wild Safari Dinosaurs range.

New Brachiosaurus Model Due in 2013

New Brachiosaurus dinosaur model (Safari Ltd).

Picture credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

The Brachiosaurus is the only retirement announced from the Carnegie Collectibles model range, although the Wild Safari Dinosaurs range will lose two models next year.  Suchomimus (product code 299629) and the Kentrosaurus (product code 300629) are being retired.

Kentrosaurus Model Due to be Retired

East African stegosaur due for the chop.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Kentrosaurus model was introduced in 2010 and it is sad to see this little stegosaur figure being retired.  Everything Dinosaur does have a few models of this item in stock, but a spokesperson for the UK based dinosaur company stated that it was likely that stocks would sell out soon as collectors tried to add this model to their collections before it was too late.

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After the demise of the Andrewsarchus prehistoric mammal last year, it is also sad to report that the Amebelodon model (Prehistoric Life series code 283229) is also being retired.  Stocks of this primitive elephant model are also to likely to be rapidly depleted.

Amebelodon off to the Elephant Graveyard

Amebelodon due to be retired in 2013.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

If Safari Ltd make any further announcements, team members at Everything Dinosaur will ensure that this information is posted up on the Everything Dinosaur blog and other Everything Dinosaur social media sites.

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