“World of History” Schleich Apatosaurus Dinosaur Model

The longest and heaviest of the twelve prehistoric animals in the Schleich “World of History” prehistoric animal model series is the new interpretation of the dinosaur Apatosaurus.  This replica of the famous long-necked dinosaur, formerly known as Brontosaurus*, measures thirty-three centimetres in length and it is robust and great for creative, imaginative play. Everything Dinosaur team members review the Schleich Apatosaurus dinosaur model.

Schleich Apatosaurus Dinosaur Model

Apatosaurus has been classified as a heavily built member of the diplodocid family of lizard-hipped dinosaurs.  A number of species have been described and many of these creatures have been estimated to have exceeded twenty-five metres in length.  Based on a full-sized adult Apatosaurus, this new replica represents a model that is in approximately 1:75 scale.

The “World of History” Schleich Apatosaurus Dinosaur Model

New Apatosaurus dinosaur model from Schleich.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

These heavy-set herbivores had relatively small heads in proportion to their huge, bulky bodies.  The head on this new Schleich replica is carefully crafted, with the nostrils correctly positioned towards the top of the head, the position favoured by most palaeontologists these days.  The front feet have the correct number of toes, and the first digit has an enlarged claw, again, reflecting what can be seen in the fossil record.  The enlarged claw on the first digit, could have helped prevent this twenty tonne animal from slipping in soft mud, or it could have been used as a defensive weapon to fend off attacks from predatory dinosaurs.

Earlier Apatosaurus Dinosaur Models

In contrast, to earlier Apatosaurus dinosaur models made by Schleich, this model is very colourful.  Earlier replicas of this dinosaur, made by the German-based figure and replica maker tended to be painted a dull battleship grey.  This new dinosaur model reflects a trend to depict prehistoric animals as more brightly coloured creatures.

This model of the dinosaur Apatosaurus, is well-crafted with a sandy brown colouration, topped by reddy-brown markings running from the back of the head along the neck, down the spine and continuing along to the very tip of the this dinosaur’s long, thick tail.

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In common with the other prehistoric animal models in the “World of History” model range, the skin texture is very detailed.  The skin of the Apatosaurus dinosaur model resembles that seen on a modern-day elephant.  The model makers have given this particular replica a very rough skin texture.  The model is very well painted and robustly built and it will prove to be an attractive collector’s item as well as encouraging creative, imaginative play amongst young dinosaur fans.

This new Schleich Apatosaurus dinosaur model, is an interesting and thought provoking replica of this very famous Late Jurassic dinosaur.

Note *Brontosaurus is now recognised as a valid genus.

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