Unique Google Shopping Reviews of Everything Dinosaur

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Customer Reviews of Everything Dinosaur

One of the many methods of checkout offered by Everything Dinosaur is a Google checkout option.  Customers who purchase dinosaur toys and games using this secure method are given the opportunity to provide a review/rating of the company they have purchased from.  Many of Everything Dinosaur’s customers have been happy to provide information to Google about Everything Dinosaur.

Customer Reviews

The company has amassed over 580 customer comments and product reviews on its own website, and there is a respectable total of twenty-four reviews about Everything Dinosaur on the Google Shopping site.  When purchasers are invited to place a review with Google, they can rate the seller, using a simple five-star rating.

Everything Dinosaur

It is gratifying to note that thanks to our dedicated team members and their customer service twenty-one ratings are the maximum five stars with the other three a respectable four stars.  We are grateful for all the feedback we receive from our customers. Everything Dinosaur’s customer rating is an excellent 4.875 or put another way 97.5%.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s highly-rated website: Everything Dinosaur.