A Review of the CollectA Kosmoceratops Dinosaur Model

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CollectA Kosmoceratops Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Over the last three years or so there have been a number of remarkable horned dinosaur discoveries, many which have been found in the United States.  Dinosaur model manufacturers are beginning to catch up with the palaeontologists, producing replicas of the newly discovered dinosaurs.  CollectA have recently added a number of  new horned dinosaur models to their product range, one of which is a new model of the recently discovered ceratopsian known as Kosmoceratops.

The CollectA Kosmoceratops Dinosaur Model

A new horned dinosaur model from CollectA.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Kosmoceratops Dinosaur Model

The Kosmoceratops dinosaur model is painted mostly green and is a member of the Chasmosaurinae group of horned dinosaurs, although it is certainly not a typical member of the Chasmosaurinae.  Kosmoceratops (K. richardsoni) named after Scott Richardson, an amateur fossil collector who was helping to survey the area  when this dinosaur’s fossils were found, was formally named and described in 2010.  Fossils of this dinosaur have been found in the state of Utah (USA).  The discovery of Kosmoceratops  has helped scientists to establish two distinct Late Cretaceous dinosaur faunas on the landmass that formed part of western North America.

Painted a striking green the Kosmoceratops is certainly an eye-catching replica.  This is highly appropriate as although the neck frill and the skull is much smaller than when compared to another recently discovered horned dinosaur from Utah, Utahceratops, this dinosaur had one of the most ornate and highly decorated skulls and neck frills known to science.  Palaeontologists have estimated that there were at least fifteen horns or horn-like structures adorning Kosmoceratops.  Each of these lumps and bumps is painted an attention-grabbing, bright red and the large brow horns project sideways,  just like the horns of Utahceratops.  Why the brow horns on these two ceratopsians pointed out sideways remains a mystery.  They would not have been much use to repel a frontal attack from a large predator such as a tyrannosaur, perhaps the brow horns were used in fights amongst herd members to establish herd  hierarchies.

Palaeontologists have suggested that the brow horns and their sideways projection is reminiscent of extant buffalo who use their horns in wrestling contests with fellow herd members.  Perhaps Kosmoceratops locked horns with rivals in a similar fashion to help settle disputes within the herd.

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CollectA have built a good reputation amongst dinosaur model collectors for the quality of their dinosaur replicas.  It is also interesting to note that this company is prepared to produce models of lesser known dinosaurs such as Kosmoceratops and this is to be welcomed by dinosaur model collectors and dinosaur enthusiasts.  It certainly is an interesting addition to the range of CollectA dinosaurs.