Paying Tribute to the Marvellous Sir David Attenborough

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Thank you Sir David

With new developments and improvements to the Everything Dinosaur website, team members have been able to put forward suggestions as to which new banners for the site’s homepage should be created.  Staff were unanimous in selecting a banner celebrating the forthcoming birthday of the naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.  Sir David has been an inspiration to a whole generation of scientists, on May 8th he will be celebrating his eighty-sixth birthday and to mark this, Everything Dinosaur will post up a special banner commemorating this special day.

Sir David Attenborough

The staff at Everything Dinosaur approached Sir David’s production company to ask permission to do this and to access some images, within three days Everything Dinosaur had received a lovely reply from the man himself, enclosing a signed photograph.  Sir David always makes time for people and he is still an enthusiastic fossil collector and we know he loves hearing about and talking about dinosaurs.

 Sir David Attenborough

A gentleman and a scholar. Sir David Attenborough.

It is apt for Sir David to be photographed in front of a suitcase, he has travelled the world making natural history programmes and remains an inspiration to many scientists and broadcasters.  We have framed his signed picture and put it on show in the Everything Dinosaur boardroom, next to a few other items that we regard as important souvenirs and momentos from our adventures.

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