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23 12, 2011

New Herbivorous Dinosaur Models from Schleich (May 2012)

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Herbivorous Dinosaurs get New Paint Jobs from Schleich

Schleich of Germany have been revising a number of their model ranges with the introduction of a new artistic team.  Perhaps one of the most revised ranges has been their “Saurus” range of scale prehistoric animal models.  We covered the changes to the theropods (meat-eaters mostly), in an earlier post today.  Now we focus on the new colour variants of herbivorous dinosaurs.

The large dinosaur model range made by Schleich, part of their “World of History” category will contain an number of plant-eating dinosaurs.  We have already featured their largest models the sauropods, now we focus on the Stegosaurus, Saichania, Triceratops and the Parasaurolophus models that have replaced the previous “Saurus” replicas.

Stegosaurus from Schleich

“Roof Lizard” gets a new Roof.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The red dermal plates of the previous “Saurus” Stegosaurus have gone, a more muted replica as shown above is the replacement.  You could say that “Roofed Lizard” has been given a new roof.

Triceratops Model – note indications of Fenestrae

Triceratops or perhaps Torosaurus?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

We like the tilted head position and if you look carefully you can see the impression of paired fenestrae in the neck frill (formation of holes in the neck frill just covered by skin).  Could this model have been designed with a thought about the Bakker et al hypothesis that as these ceratopsians aged so their skull frills become larger and developed fenestrae.  Could Triceratops and Torosaurus be one and the same?

To read an article about this theory: The Extinction of Torosaurus – Second Time Around.

 Replacing the “Saurus” scale model Saichania with a new paint job.  This model shows the defensive armour more clearly with the armour projections being picked out in an ivory colour.

Schleich Saichania Model

Saichania means “beautiful”

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

This model will be available in May 2012, the name Saichania means “beautiful” staff at Everything Dinosaur are looking forward to seeing whether this dinosaur lives up to its name.  Interesting to note that the small Saichania model has been retired from the not-to-scale Schleich model range that we refer to the “DI” range.

Last but not least is the interesting Parasaurolophus hadrosaur model, nicknamed “banana feet” by Everything Dinosaur team members due to the choice of colour for the front limbs.  P. walkeri is one of our favourite duck-billed dinosaurs.

Parasaurolophus from Schleich (May 2012)

It’s “banana feet”!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

This is certainly an eclectic group of dinosaur models.  All the most popular dinosaurs seem to have been incorporated into the re-launch, and we at Everything Dinosaur look forward to taking a closer look at the models.

To view the range of Schleich herbivorous dinosaurs available from Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals.

23 12, 2011

Schleich Introduce Dinosaur Models with Moveable Jaws

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Schleich Theropod Models with Moveable Jaws for Late Spring 2012

Schleich the German figure manufacturer will be introducing a range of dinosaur models with articulated, moveable jaws in the late Spring of 2012.  The models, all theropods will have an articulated lower jaw so the model can be depicted with the mouth either opened or closed.  Five models will have this feature, they are all members of the Theropoda, namely T. rex, Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Velociraptor and Allosaurus.

The Schleich T. rex Model with Articulated Lower Jaw

Open wide please!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

The Schleich Allosaurus with Moveable Jaw

Fearsome Jurassic predator – a replica of Allosaurus from Schleich.

Picture Ccedit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

The Allosaurus seems to have had a similar paint job as the Brachiosaurus (see link below to our recent  sauropod article), the extension to the bony crest that covers the back of the neck is interesting, we don’t recall seeing this in allosaurid skull material.  The prominent eye flashes, painted an “eye-catching” red, (no pun intended) are no longer there.

Schleich New sauropods (Sauropoda) article: New Sauropods from Schleich.

Giganotosaurus Model (Colour Variant with Moveable Jaws)

Biggest Land Carnivore known to Science with a “Big Bite”.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

The new Schleich Giganotosaurus model will be available in May, it is a re-paint of the existing Schleich Giganotosaurus but with the addition of articulated jaws.  The Spinosaurus has been given a similar treatment too.  The Spinosaurus model has been re-painted in what team members at Everything Dinosaur have termed “desert fatigues”.  This is an interesting choice given that this dinosaur is particularly associated with coastal swamps and freshwater environments.

Schleich Spinosaurus due out in May

Spinosaurus in desert camouflage.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

A genuinely new model introduction for next year is the Velociraptor (V. mongoliensis).  Looking very much like the Velociraptors seen in the first Jurassic Park movie, this model also has an articulated lower jaw.  Note the resting position of the front forelimb, it is in approximately the correct position anatomically based on the lack of pronation of most theropod “hands”.  The limb on the ground also helps to stabilise the figure.  As Velociraptors stood on just two toes of each foot making a balanced “raptor” model presents unique challenges.

New Velociraptor Model from Schleich of Germany (May 2012)

Velociraptor mongoliensis replica.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

It looks like Schleich have taken a pointer or two from Bullyland of Germany and Papo of France by introducing articulated models into their product ranges.

To view the range of Schleich models and figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Dinosaur Models and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

23 12, 2011

New Apatosaurus/Brachiosaurus Models From Schleich of Germany

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New Sauropod Replicas

Schleich of Germany has revised their prehistoric animal model range.  A number of replicas have been retired, most notably the remaining prehistoric mammal models they used to make (two Mammoths and a Smilodon).  The Saurus range has been reduced and there are some new colour variants of existing models plus some brand new additions to the “World of History” product category.

New Apatosaurus from Schleich

Available in May 2012 – a new colour variant of an Apatosaurus dinosaur from Schleich.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

It is pleasing to see a sauropod model with the nostrils depicted in the right place, not down the snout but further up on the top of the skull.

In addition to the new Apatosaurus there is a new Brachiosaurus replica, one that team members at Everything Dinosaur have nicknamed “dusky maiden” as a result of the model’s colouration.

Brachiosaurus Model (Schleich)

The “dusky maiden” from Schleich.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

To view the wide range of Schleich dinosaur and prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur’s user-friendly, award-winning website: Schleich Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models.

23 12, 2011

Update on Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models

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Great Changes for Schleich Prehistoric Animal Model Range

The first image we have of the new colour scheme of the Schleich Giganotosaurus scale model. Schleich’s new artistic team have revamped the Saurus range and introduced a number of new models and colour variants. Sadly the not to scale “Di” range as we call them as been reduced to six – gone is Saichania and Apatosaurus, plus the Mammoths and Sabre-toothed cat models have been retired – more news and images soon.

The new Schleich Giganotosaurus Colour Variant

Giganotosaurus with a new paint job from Schleich

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Schleich

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