Knocking T. rex of its Perch

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Is Spinosaurus the Largest Land Carnivore Known to Science?

With renewed enthusiasm we have once again entered into the debate over the size of Cretaceous theropods.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur put together a fun presentation for a regional museum in support of the BBC “Planet Dinosaur” touring exhibition where visitors could have a go at building their own Spinosaurus skeleton.  We set out to explain the fossil evidence and how it has been interpreted and got visitors to vote for which dinosaur (T. rex or Spinosaurus) would have won in a fight if these two theropods ever met.

To view the results of our experiments: Museum Visitors Take Part in Dinosaur Study.

Having reviewed the fossil evidence from Stromer to Russell and beyond our staff then compiled a brief article outlining what is currently known about North African spinosaurs and this was published on the E-zine website.

To read this article: Has T. rex been Knocked off its Perch?

This informative article provides more information on Spinosaurus, this dinosaur’s discovery and updates readers on the Moroccan fossil finds.