Dinosaur Themed Socks for your Little Monsters

The new dinosaur themed socks and hand puppets have proved a “roaring” success with many comments received about these socks and how well they are made.  The new Tyrannosaurus rex socks are just what young palaeontologists have been looking for and there are two new additions to this range, both featuring an adult T. rex and a juvenile – a sort of Mum and Baby T. rex set.  With all the new evidence about tyrannosaurid pack behaviour and theories about tyrannosaurs having parental duties towards their offspring, it is always pleasing to see products keeping up with palaeontologists.

Dinosaur Themed Socks

The “Mum and Baby” T. rex Socks

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The socks shown are the “ice blue” T. rex socks but there is also another new pair in the same design except they are coloured a sandy brown.  These make great additions to our dinosaur themed clothing range.

Snazzy Dinosaur Socks

In addition, Everything Dinosaur has just introduced some snazzy long dinosaur socks that also can double up as dinosaur sock puppets. There are two fetching designs, firstly a skeleton of a horned dinosaur and in hot pursuit of its next meal comes a eye-catching Tyrannosaurus rex themed sock puppet.

Dinosaur Socks/Hand Puppets from Everything Dinosaur

Turn your socks into a theatre company.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The horned dinosaur themed socks are on the left (blue), the T. rex is on the right.  Not sure which ceratopsian is represented, we assumed Triceratops, perhaps the nose horn has been lost somewhere in the toes, anyone for Diceratops in the meantime?

To view the range of socks from Everything Dinosaur and other dinosaur themed toys, gifts and models: Everything Dinosaur’s Website.

Either way, we know that young palaeontologists are going to have happy feet!

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