“Boar Croc” Reviewed  – in Praise of the Safari Ltd Wild Safari Dinos Model

The welcome introduction of a Kaprosuchus prehistoric crocodile model into the Wild Safari Dinos model range  provides collectors and dinosaur fans with the chance to own a replica of a terrestrial crocodile.  Kaprosuchus, a fearsome predator of the Niger during the Cretaceous.  It allows us at Everything Dinosaur the opportunity to compare and contrast the land-based croc. Kaprosuchus with the aquatic crocodyliform Deinosuchus, which is also available as a model from Safari Ltd (September 2011).

Kaprosuchus Prehistoric Crocodile Model

In our video review, we discuss the fossil evidence which suggests that Kaprosuchus was a terrestrial carnivore – the stereoscopic vision, the robust, impact resistant snout and the strong neck are all characteristics of a predator that fed on land.  We pay tribute to the Wild Safari Dinos Kaprosuchus, it is a prehistoric crocodilian that has proved to be very popular with dinosaur fans and model collectors.

The Everything Dinosaur Review of Kaprosuchus 

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Kaprosuchus model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that it was wonderful to see model manufacturers such as Safari Ltd increasing the number of crocodilians and other non-dinosaur archosaurs within their replica ranges.

To view Safari Ltd models and replicas available from Everything Dinosaur: Ancient Crocodiles and Other Prehistoric Animal Figures (Safari Ltd).

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