A Toob of Prehistoric Crocodiles

Really pleased to see the Safari Ltd prehistoric crocodiles toob, a tube of ten crocodile or crocodile-related models.  It is certainly fascinating to see these replicas of prehistoric animals that represent the diverse crocodilian lineage.  There is even a marine crocodile – Dakosaurus in the range, along with a Desmatosuchus, Sarcosuchus, a Rutiodon and a Champsosaurus.

The Everything Dinosaur Product Video Review

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Prehistoric Crocodiles Toob.

 Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Hopefully, this five minute video will give viewers a little more information about the prehistoric animals featured in this, highly collectible set.  Most of the models represent animals from the Age of Dinosaurs (the Mesozoic), the exception is the Pristichampsus, a long-legged, hoofed carnivore whose fossils date from the Palaeogene.

Depicted by Safari as a crimson-coloured animal with black stripes along its back, scientists think that this crocodile, unlike its relatives that are alive today, lived mostly on land, pursuing and catching terrestrial mammals.   When the fossilised teeth of this animal were first studied, some scientists mistook them for the teeth of theropod dinosaurs and as a result it was speculated that some carnivorous dinosaurs had survived the Cretaceous mass extinction event.  It is always exciting to review a prehistoric crocodiles model tube for all those fans of prehistoric crocodile models.

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The models measure approximately nine to ten centimetres in length.  The largest model in the set is that of Sarcosuchus, which is very appropriate as this particular prehistoric crocodile that lived during the Cretaceous has been declared the largest prehistoric crocodile known in the fossil record and Sarcosuchus has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as a result.

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