David Attenborough’s Life Stories – Given a big Thumbs Up!

One of the United Kingdom’s most popular presenters and incidentally, one of the people that we would invite over to dinner when we play our “who would you like to invite to your fantasy dinner party game”, when things are quiet in the office – David Attenborough; has just started a new series of “Life Stories” on radio 4.

David Attenborough’s Life Stories

Episode one of the series of twenty short programmes had David Attenborough explaining a little of what it was like to try and film in the rain-forest canopy.  His engaging and enthusiastic style of narration shone through.  These monologues allow Sir David to draw on his many years of natural history broadcasting, examining marvels of the natural world and we all agreed as we listened to the repeated programme this morning how fascinating a life this gentleman has led.  His ability to convey the wonders of the natural world is second to none in our opinion and these short ten minute radio programmes are going to be compulsive listening for us over the next few weeks.

A great radio programme from a truly great broadcaster and who involved deserve our heartfelt congratulations.  We are already looking forward to next week’s broadcast, all about that most enigmatic member of the Aves – the Kiwi.

For replicas and models of extinct creatures that feature in the series, animals such as Archaeopteryx and the Coelacanth: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models and Figures.