David Attenborough’s Life Stories Series Two on Radio 4

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First Life – Back on Air

The highly acclaimed “First Life” radio series, a collection of stories and anecdotes by Sir David Attenborough is starting a second series.  One of the world’s best known and most popular presenters, Sir David examines twenty marvels of the natural world, a collection of experiences in some fifty years of broadcasting.

Each ten minute programme deals with a different subject and they are on radio four at 8.50pm on Friday evening (GMT) repeated the following Sunday at 8.50am.  Sir David’s enthusiasm is infectious and his curiosity for the natural world really comes out in these broadcasts.

Well worth a listen, and we suspect the series will be available on CD from the BBC in the Summer.

For models and replicas of many of the extinct and prehistoric animals featured in the Radio 4 series visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.