Discovering Dinosaurs – The Next Generation of Palaeontologists

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Pupils get to Grips with Dinosaurs and Fossils

Pupils at Hugo Meynell Primary School, near to the Shropshire town of Market Drayton, had the chance to travel back to the time and to learn about dinosaurs and fossils with a visit from one of Everything Dinosaur’s palaeontologists.

Taking part in a number of experiments, in what was a dinosaur themed workshop, the students in years 3 and 4 learned about these prehistoric animals and had the chance to get grips with a number of fossils, all part of a special topic on dinosaurs that they had been studying.

Young Palaeontologists

As part of the day’s activities, the lucky pupils were able to help cast museum replicas of some of the dinosaur fossils that are part of Everything Dinosaur’s collection, a collection that includes very rare and special items such as Tyrannosaurus rex teeth.  For the classes involved they, and the teaching staff, were able to keep their own very special souvenir of the visit from a dinosaur expert.

Pupils with a Cast of a Large Theropod Tooth (Tyrannosaurus rex)

Picture credit: C. Cowley

Hugo Meynell School Young Palaeontologists with Edmontosaurus Toe Bone

Everything Dinosaur’s visit to Hugo Meynell School.

Picture credit: C. Cowley

The pictures show some of the young palaeontologists from Hugo Meynell school with the cast replicas of dinosaur fossils, along with a special certificate given to them by which explained where the fossil from which the cast was made was found and from which dinosaur the fossil came from.

Dinosaurs and Fossils

Dinosaurs in schools, these young palaeontologists were thrilled at the prospect of getting to handle real fossils.

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