New “Terror Bird” Model (CollectA Kelenken Model Arrives)

Our stock of the new CollectA Kelenken model, a “Terror Bird” is due to arrive in the next few days or so.  We are all looking forward to its arrival along with the other new models in this extensive range.  This “Terror Bird” (phorusrhacid), is part of the scale model range of prehistoric animal models, it is the first bird sculpted by the CollectA team.

The model represents a Kelenken, a genus of South American phorusrhacid, a creature that was only formally named and described four years ago.

An Illustration of Kelenken (Kelenken guillermoi)

The Kelenken in all its glory. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We have illustrated our “Terror Bird” quite vividly.  The plumage is bright and colourful, in recognition of how important eyesight was to these creatures.  The large feathered head crest and the red flash along the eyeline, pure speculation on our part, would have been used in visual communication.

Known only from a rostrum and a handful of foot bones, scientists are unsure just how big this bird was.  It has been suggested that this creature stood over two metres tall and would have weighed as much as an African lion.

CollectA Kelenken Model

Certainly, Kelenken guillermoi was a formidable predator.  We certainly are going to enjoy having a Kelenken guillermoi model in stock.

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