Carnegie Cryolophosaurus and Carnegie Ichthyosaurus Models

The two new additions for this year to the Safari Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles are the Cryolophosaurus dinosaur model and the Ichthyosaurus model (Jurassic marine reptile).

Cryolophosaurus – Carnegie Museum of Natural History Model

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles

Fossils of this theropod dinosaur dating from the Early Jurassic have been found in Antarctica, halfway up a mountain, at approximately 4,000 metres above sea level.  Not only was this excavation site one of the most difficult to reach, the palaeontologists working to extract the fossilised bones of this dinosaur had to endure extreme cold.

Fossils of Ichthyosaurus can be found closer to home, we have helped remove a number of ichthyosaur fossils from Middle Jurassic strata on the coast of Dorset (England), there are also many fine specimens of this marine reptile found elsewhere in Europe, in Germany for example.

The Carnegie Ichthyosaurus Model

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Note the lovely touch in the Carnegie Ichthyosaurus model, with the ammonite in its mouth.  Whether or not these “fish lizards” ate ammonites is open to speculation.  Since many specimens of ichthyosaurs had no teeth in their long, slender jaws, palaeontologists have suggested that these creatures actually fed on soft bodied animals such as fish, belemnites and other cephalopods, not hard-shelled ammonites.

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