Everything Dinosaur Awarded Expert Author Status at Ezine Articles Web Site

Everything Dinosaur has been awarded the distinction of expert author status on the U.S. based EzineArticles.com website.  We have submitted a number of product reviews, information on the latest dinosaur discoveries and advances in palaeontology to the ezine editorial team and due to the standard and quality of our informative articles we have been awarded “expert author” status.  This award is not given lightly, the work we submit must be of a sufficiently high standard and demonstrate our knowledge and expertise within our particular field.

EzineArticles.com has been established for more than ten years, that is quite a long time considering the brief history of the Internet.  The site has millions of unique visitors every month and manages over 100,000 different RSS feeds.  Each article has to be original in content and before it can be published on line it has to be reviewed by a person within the editorial team to ensure it reflects the high standards of the website.  Everything Dinosaur is one of just a handful of palaeontology based organisations in the world to have been granted this status.

Nice to know the information we provide is appreciated.

Thanks EzineArticles.com

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

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