Our Newest Recruit a Beautiful Dragonfly

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Dragonfly Rescuers – Our Newest Recruit

Today we have had a series of heavy showers.  This is to be expected as it is Summer in Britain (allegedly) and we have a hosepipe ban.  The rain has been so heavy that it knocked a recently emerged dragonfly back into the office pond.  We could not watch it drown, so one of the Everything Dinosaur team members ventured out into the rain to rescue it.

The lucky dragonfly was placed on one of the sponges we use for wiping down fossil casts and carefully put on one of the workshop windowsills.  It was our intention to help this little creature dry off, otherwise it would not have survived.  Looking a bit like a model aeroplane, the insect quickly stretched out its wings to dry.

Our Newest Recruit – The Rescued Dragonfly

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It seemed at home, and did not mind us coming and going as we went about our work although we did try to keep quiet in case we disturbed it too much.  After about an hour we crept in and opened a window close by to the resting insect.  With luck, we thought, when the dragonfly felt ready it would climb up the window and fly off.

Sure enough, after a little preening and cleaning the lucky dragonfly went on its way.

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