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Presenting Information to an Audience

Over the summer months, team members at Everything Dinosaur are booked to deliver a number of talks and presentations about dinosaurs as part of ongoing science exhibitions.  Our dinosaur lectures have been a huge success.  Currently, a number of the staff are involved with a Tyrannosaurus rex exhibition tackling questions as diverse as discussing Pleistocene extinctions to the very existence of dinosaurs at all.  The work is fun and it is great to meet all the clever, young dinosaur fans.  The theme of the Birmingham (UK) based exhibition centres around the debate as to whether T. rex was a hunter, a scavenger or both.  We try to present the evidence from the fossil record and explain what the fossils actually tell us.  Along with this work we spend a little time de-bunking some of the assumptions people may have about dinosaurs, especially if they have watched a lot of films and TV programmes about them.

Dinosaur Lectures

Everything Dinosaur has run its own survey with our audience at the T. rex seminars, we are plotting the number of responses to the question as to whether T. rex was a predator or a scavenger, we intend to compile our results once the exhibition work has been concluded.

To view the preliminary results: T. rex – Hunter or Scavenger?

T. rex Hunter or Scavenger?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows one of the models at the exhibition, a Tyrannosaurus rex feeding on a Triceratops, but was T. rex a hunter or a scavenger?

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