The “My First Dinosaur Range” from Everything Dinosaur

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Everything Dinosaur Team Formerly Launches the “My First Dinosaur” Range

Following research amongst our customers, Everything Dinosaur, the UK based dinosaur company run by parents, teachers, real dinosaur enthusiasts and experts has formerly launched a dinosaur themed product range especially for very young dinosaur fans.

Children as young as two years of age can develop a fascination with prehistoric animals, particularly dinosaurs and as they grow; getting to grips with all the long scientific names is second nature to them.  In response to requests from parents, the team members at Everything Dinosaur have grouped together a range of dinosaur themed merchandise and clothing that has been specially designed with little ones in mind.

My First Dinosaur Range

The My First Dinosaur range includes clothing, eating utensils, reading materials, educational games designed to stimulate and encourage literacy and numeracy through creative play, as well as a hand selected range of soft, pliable rubber dinosaur toys.  With a target audience of knowledgeable two to three year olds, the dinosaurs featured in this range include Triceratops, T. rex, Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus.  These are animals that these young children are becoming familiar with as they become aware of dinosaurs.

Examples of the My First Dinosaur Range from Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

The product range is aimed at linking in with National Curriculum objectives to help pre-schoolers learn about the world around them and develop communication skills.  For parents keen to encourage their own budding young palaeontologist, the products are available on one specific site on the Everything Dinosaur website.  These dinosaur toys and games have been specially designed to appeal to very young children in terms of their creative play potential.  The range consists of dinosaur toys for very young children.

To view the extensive range of dinosaur toys and gifts: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are amazed how quickly young children learn about dinosaurs and pick up on their characteristics and behaviours.  At this young age, their minds are like sponges and we get asked all sorts of amazing and imaginative questions when we visit nursery schools and pre-school teaching schemes.  It makes sense to listen to the requests of parents and put a range of specially selected dinosaur themed items in one place on our website to cater for the needs of this age range”.

A Range of Top Quality Dinosaur Themed Merchandise

Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur logo – a symbol of choice and quality.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Who knows, perhaps the launch of the “My First Dinosaur range” from Everything Dinosaur, will help encourage the next generation of young palaeontologists.