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Personal Service at Everything Dinosaur

In these days of electronic communications, the art of letter writing, a more old fashioned form of correspondence may be in decline.  However, we at Everything Dinosaur are aware that not everybody has embraced the IT revolution and taken to email and the Internet.

For example, we review all the correspondence we receive, be they letters, emails, drawings of dinosaurs from young dinosaur fans or faxes and we note the requests we receive for specific items or merchandise related to a dinosaur species.  Today, we have to commence writing letters to all those people who have written to us requesting information on new dinosaur models and other items due in to our warehouse this Summer.  The careful notes that we have made of all the requests will now form the basis of personal letters to these Everything Dinosaur contacts helping them to acquire the dinosaur items they were looking for.

This also gives us the opportunity to include any information that we have on the dinosaur or prehistoric animal concerned.  For instance, a request from a potential customer for the Amebelodon (primitive elephant) model from Safari’s Prehistoric Life collection is about to be fulfilled as these models are due in shortly and we already have reserved a model for her. In the letter sent will be some additional information on the animal – all part of our customer service.

A Selection of Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models

Wild Safari Prehistoric World models.

“Wild Dinos”, Wild Safari Prehistoric World models.

Everything Dinosaur

To view the range of prehistoric animal models available in the Wild Safari Prehistoric World series: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

All the team members have quite a few letters to get through, we each have designed our own template which we have saved as a word document.  This allows us to save time by not having to re-type the same opening and closing paragraphs for each personal letter.  This template along with our slow grasp of how to use mail merge is helping to speed up our letter writing.  The project should be completed in the next few days, by mid week all the personal letters will have been sent out and our promise of keeping customers in touch with new dinosaur toy and prehistoric animal model developments and other items that they have requested will have been met – at least until the middle of the Summer anyway.