The Little Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book

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The Little Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book from Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are very popular with young children (even older children and adults), sticker books are also popular and with this new addition to the Everything Dinosaur product range, you get the best of both.

Introducing the little dinosaur sticker activity book, an inexpensive gift for young dinosaur fans, a stocking filler or a great little gift for a party goody bag.

The Little Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

This colourful little book contains 21 reuse-able dinosaur and prehistoric animal stickers.  There are stickers of T. rex, pterosaurs, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and even one of Archaeopteryx the first bird.  Simply take out the staples to reveal a scene from the age of dinosaurs on the inside covers.  Then you can position the stickers to create your own dinosaur scene.  The stickers can be peeled off and repositioned so young palaeontologists can make pictures time and time again.

A great little gift and a good idea for a school project or a party favour.

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