Dinosaur Cake Toppers – Dinosaur Cake Decorations

In response to requests from customers and visitors to the Everything Dinosaur website who have downloaded our free party cake recipe ideas, we have added a new product to our range.  Announcing the arrival of dinosaur cake toppers, otherwise known as dinosaur cake decorations.

Dinosaur Cake Decorations

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur, have been asked to recommend inexpensive, yet robust dinosaur models suitable for putting on a dinosaur themed cake, such as a dinosaur birthday cake.  Always up for a challenge, our experts have identified a set of dinosaur and prehistoric animals that fit the bill.  Best of all once they have been used to decorate a cake, these study robust models can be quickly washed to remove any icing or other cake residues and they are ready for creative, imaginative play.  Models vary in size from 11 cm to 16 cm in our chosen cake toppers range.

Set of Five Dinosaur Cake Decorations (Dinosaur Cake Toppers)

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Please note, whilst we promise to send out 5 different models, those supplied may vary from those illustrated in the picture – but whatever our experts send, you can be assured that the models will be cool, and just great for imaginative play.

Dinosaur Models Not for Eating

These models are not for eating (non-edible), but make lasting gifts once the party cake has been consumed.

Our dedicated dinosaur experts promise to supply five different prehistoric animal models in every set, five being in our opinion, an ideal number to place on a dinosaur cake.  So if you are looking for the finishing touch to your wonderful dinosaur themed birthday cake, then look no further, these handy dinosaur models are just the thing to make your young dinosaur fans swish their dinosaur tails in excitement.

A Decorated Dinosaur Birthday Cake

dinosaur cake decorations
Dinosaurs around a watering hole. An Everything Dinosaur cusotomer sent into Everything Dinosaur a picture of a birthday cake that they had made complete with dinosaur cake decorations.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Samina Babar