Robotic Dinosaur goes Missing from Walking with Dinosaurs Tour

A robotic dinosaur from the “Walking with Dinosaurs” tour has been stolen.

The Mexican leg of the “Walking with Dinosaurs ” world tour has got off to a shaky start after it was discovered that one of the robotic dinosaurs has been stolen from the show.

Robotic Dinosaur

The remote-controlled, robotic dinosaur worth an estimated $100,000 USD is one of the stars of the Walking with Dinosaur stage show, that takes the audience through the evolution of the dinosaurs from the Triassic up to the mass extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous that saw their final demise.  The Walking with Dinosaurs tour opened in Guadalajara, in central Jalisco state on Friday and staff discovered that one of the smaller robots was missing after the show closed that day.

A spokesperson for the tour stated:

“Only in Mexico!  How it happened, we don’t know.  We don’t even know if whoever stole it knows its value”.

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This is the first time an robotic dinosaur has been stolen from the show.  The Walking with Dinosaurs tour began in Australia and has visited North America and Europe over the last two years, being seen by an estimated four million people.

The theft of the 1.5 metres tall robot is ironic, as a number of critics of the tour have claimed the organisers have “ripped off” families by charging very high prices for the ninety minute show.  In the United Kingdom, tickets to see the event cost around £20.00, rising to £35.00 for better seats.  For a family to go to the event it would have cost nearly £100.00, not a small sum in these difficult economic times.

The merchandise available at the show was very highly priced.  A model of a dinosaur could be purchased for £15.00, a nice souvenir but we did note that the same model part of a set of six from Everything Dinosaur could be purchased from ourselves for a great deal less.  The mark up on the model from the organisers, we estimated was something like 600 percent.

Still, we hope the organisers are able to get their dinosaur back.  Let’s hope that the robotic dinosaur is returned safe and sound, as it would be sad if the audiences on the central American leg of the tour could not see the whole show.

Check out Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.