Young Dinosaur Fan shows us What She can Do

One of the key skills of a palaeontologist is that of an illustrator, being able to draw accurately fossils and produce an illustration of finds.  In the past, it was these drawings and sketches reproduced in scientific papers and other publications that enabled scientists from around the world to study discoveries made by other palaeontologists.  These days, illustrations have largely been replaced by computer images and photographs, but being able to draw is a useful skill for any scientist.

Dinosaur Illustrators

They certainly start young, below is a picture of a Baryonyx sent to us by a young dinosaur fan called Isabelle.  We get lots of pictures and other items sent into us by dinosaur enthusiasts, some of them are professional artists and illustrators others are just mad keen young dinosaur fans eager to show us what colours they think dinosaurs were.

An Illustration of a Baryonyx

Picture credit: Isabelle Freer 2009

This particular artist is just two and a half years old.  We were delighted to receive her drawing of a Baryonyx, lovely choice of colours and she has done really well to keep within the lines.

Dinosaur Drawings

In our office and warehouse we have large cork boards that are used to display all the drawings and pictures that we receive.  They certainly make a colourful exhibit and since Isabelle is obviously a very talented young lady we thought it would be nice if we displayed her particular drawing on line as well as on our display board.

A Dinosaur Drawing

Dinosaur illustrators.

Colourful early Cretaceous predator – Baryonyx.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Well done Isabelle, a super drawing of Baryonyx.

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