Dinosaur Calendar a “Roaring” Success

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Dinosaur Calendar sells out in a Week

Our dinosaur calender is proving to be a “roaring” success with lots of copies sold.

The Everything Dinosaur 2010 prehistoric animal calendar is proving to be very popular in the run up to Christmas.  Already the first production run has sold out and more have been printed to keep up with demand.

Dinosaur Calendar

No one knows what colour dinosaurs were as pigment does not normally fossilise.  Palaeontologists have to make assumptions when it comes to the colouration of dinosaurs such as Pachyrhinosaurus, Triceratops and T. rex.  Now young dinosaur fans have the chance to show how they would illustrate these prehistoric animals as they are all featured in the Everything Dinosaur 2010 calendar.

The Everything Dinosaur 2010 Dinosaur Calendar

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Each month features an illustration of a different prehistoric animal, young scientists have the chance to colour them in and illustrate dinosaurs the way they think they looked.  Time for your imaginations to run riot.  The calendar is certainly proving to be extremely popular with a large number of them being snapped up already.

To view the Everything Dinosaur website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

Looks like our printers are going to be busy up to Christmas.