Tyrannosaurus rex Gift Card and Tooth – A Winning Present Combination

Buy dinosaur party supplies on-line. Everything Dinosaur stocks a huge range of dinosaur items including a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth replica.

Looking to solve your gift problem when it comes to purchasing for a dinosaur mad youngster, then let Everything Dinosaur take the worry out of making a selection with this new addition to our already extensive dinosaur themed product range which incorporates our huge stock of dinosaur party supplies.

Why not purchase a Tyrannosaurus rex gift card in combination with a museum quality replica of a T. rex tooth?  This simple idea of putting together a dinosaur themed gift card with a dinosaur themed present makes the problem of purchasing an inexpensive present for a dinosaur obsessed youngster extinct.

T. rex Gift Card

The T. rex Tooth and Gift Card Combo from Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The dinosaur greeting card, designed by those clever people at Santoro, features a 3-D Tyrannosaurus rex.  It is a swing card, the T. rex is made up of movable parts so he comes out of the card wiggling his head and tail at you.  The background illustration of a primeval, dinosaur filled jungle is really cool and there is plenty of space for you to write a personal message.

The card itself has a blank message space so it can be used for all kinds of occasions – birthdays, general greetings, get well soon, even Christmas.   The card comes supplied with its own properly sized envelope, finding a gift card for a young dinosaur fan could not be easier with this unusual and novel dinosaur inspired offering.

Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth Replica

The tooth is a museum quality replica cast from a real fossil tooth of a Tyrannosaurus rex T. rex had over sixty teeth in its powerful jaws and it had one of the strongest bites of any animal known to science.  This beautifully sculpted replica is a tooth from the right side of the lower jaw of the first ever Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton discovered.  This tooth is part of the T. rex collection housed at the Natural History Museum in London (specimen number BMNH R799).  It is not the largest tooth in the museum’s T. rex collection but the fine detail preserved and its beautiful shape made it the ideal tooth to cast a replica from.

The Everything Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Tooth Replica and Fact Sheet

Tyrannosaurus rex tooth replica.

Tyrannosaurus rex tooth replica.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Those keen dinosaur enthusiasts at Everything Dinosaur even provide a fact sheet all about Tyrannosaurus rex, the ideal accompaniment to the greetings card and the replica tooth.  You can read all about the discovery of T. rex, why the arms are so small and learn facts about the “Tyrant Lizard King”.  A scale drawing is included to give an idea of just how big some of these dinosaurs were.

To view the wide selection of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed toys and gifts, take a look at Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Dinosaur Toys and Gifts.

Providing an inexpensive and unique dinosaur themed gift could not be simpler, what a great way to make a young palaeontologist feel special, or to help with the dinosaur party items, their own personalised T. rex greetings card and a replica tooth cast from a real museum quality Tyrannosaurus rex tooth – give the gift of prehistory, we bet you will see a bigger grin than the toothy smile of a T. rex.