New Apatosaurus Model (Schleich Saurus)

The new Apatosaurus dinosaur model from Schleich of Germany is an update on an earlier diplodocid model produced by this German model company.  These large, 1:40 scale Schleich Apatosaurus models show subtle differences, reflecting the increased knowledge scientists have with regards to the Apatosaurus genus.  For example, the previous model (Schleich Saurus model 16409), had the tail dragging along the ground.  In the updated version, the tail is held aloft, stretching out behind the animal.  The neck of the newest model is more muscular and the head a better representation of known diplodocid skull material.

Apatosaurus Dinosaur Model

Interestingly, the new model (Schleich Saurus model number 16462) is slightly larger than its predecessor, being more than 2 cm longer and nearly 3 cm taller when the height of the head is measured.  The dimensions have changed despite being designed to be in the same scale.

An Illustration Showing the Old and New Schleich Saurus Apatosaurus Models

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Comparing Sauropod Replicas

The older Saurus model is on the left of the picture, whilst on the right the latest interpretation of an Apatosaurus is depicted.  It is interesting to note that with the newest model, the colouring has reverted back to an elephant-grey colour scheme, again a reflection upon current scientific thinking.  The paint work on both models is very good, but subtle changes such as the darker nails on the feet of the latest Schleich replica adds a degree of authenticity to the latest model.

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