To Decal or not to Decal – our new Van Dilemma

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To Decal or not to Decal the Van

With the arrival of our new van discussion in the company has turned to deciding what sort of promotional livery we should put on it.  Given that we all have to drive it at one time or another, we thought it best if everyone in the company was involved.  Over the tea and coffee breaks this has been quite a fascinating topic and as a result of this we all seem to be taken a heightened interest in the livery of other commercial vehicles that we see on the road.

The New Van – a Blank Canvas?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Choosing a White Van

We have decided to choose another white van, giving us a blank canvas to work with as it were.  This time there are no rear windows so we have the opportunity to put some livery on the back of the vehicle as well as the front and sides.  Quite a competitive spirit has developed amongst us all, so it has been decided to adopt the same principles as many large multi-nationals when it comes to choosing a new corporate identity – we are going to run a competition.  Using some templates of vans (drawing a van shape proved quite tricky for some of us), we are running a competition for the next week or so.  Everybody who wants to can pick up a set of templates from our main office and then they can draw their suggested design for the new livery and seal up their artwork in the large envelope provided and “post” the entry into our competition box in the warehouse.

Everything Dinosaur

Just for a bit of fun we have extended the competition to non-members of staff and we have had suggestions from school children, teachers and given from the car dealer we published this van from and our local garage.  In a few days time, we will go over the competition entrants at our regular weekly meeting to decide which design would be best.  Nobody has asked about a prize for the winner, which is good, but I suspect we shall have to come up with something suitable as a reward for their artistic efforts.

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