The Dinosaur A-Z a Helpful Alphabet Teaching Guide based on Prehistoric Animals

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A Dinosaur Alphabet from Everything Dinosaur

Members of the Everything Dinosaur team are qualified and trained teachers.  One of our many roles is to go into schools and reception classes and help young people learn more about science through their fascination with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  We go into all sorts of schools and we get bombarded with questions, our staff get almost as many questions from the teachers and the teaching assistants as they do from the students.

As well as asking questions about prehistoric animals, the teachers often ask us to recommend some teaching materials to assist them in their work.  We try our best to help where we can and have just developed a prehistoric themed alphabet to help young children learn their letters.

A Typical Everything Dinosaur Activity – Indoor Fossil Hunt

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Aimed at reception level classes, our new prehistoric animal inspired alphabet consists of twenty-six different cards, each one representing a letter of the alphabet and showing a picture of a prehistoric animal beginning with that letter.

The Everything Dinosaur – Dinosaur A – Z

From Ankylosaurus to Zuniceratops.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Each item can be downloaded and printed out to create a card, which illustrates a prehistoric animal and gives a guide to pronunciation.  The matching pairs game that has also been devised accompanies the alphabet cards and should ensure that young children soon get to grips with their letters as well as encouraging very young palaeontologists.

After all, you can have fun and learn at the same time.  These items should be available from Everything Dinosaur as a download shortly.

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