Frog Blog 2009 – We have Spawn in the Pond again

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Frog Blog 2009 – Frogspawn in the Office Pond Again

For the second year running we have got frogspawn in the office pond.  We had noticed a number of frogs around and in the pond over the last few days, but today on a quick tour of the office yard we have discovered a small amount of spawn close to the edge of the pond.  There are three frogs in the pond at the moment, they are relatively small and all are croaking.  We think these are males, calling for females, however, one frog has already spawned in the pond and we think that only male common frogs croak.  The spawning probably took place yesterday or very early this morning.


We shall leave the frogs alone and see if the males can attract any more females to come and lay their eggs.

The Frogspawn laid in the Office Pond

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In a Different Part of the Office Pond

The spawn has been laid in a different part of the pond this year.  The frogspawn laid last year was in the centre of the pond over a deep part of the pond, this year the spawn has been laid in a shallow part.  Folklore states that if frogs spawn in the shallow part of the pond it is going to be a wet spring.  The suggestion is that if frogs lay their eggs in the shallows they believe that there will be plenty of rain to keep the pond topped up and their eggs will not dry out.   We shall have to wait and see.  Hopefully, other frogs will spawn in the pond in the next few days.