Paying a Special Tribute to CollectA’s Fabulous Anthony Beeson

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Anthony Beeson The Designer Behind Collecta Prehistoric Animal Models

CollectA might make a number of model ranges, after all they don’t just make dinosaur models, they have a “Sea Life” collection, “Farm Life” and a “Woodlands” collection as well.  However, for us at Everything Dinosaur, it is the company’s “Prehistoric Life” model series that most appeals.  This particular part of CollectA’s portfolio has expanded rapidly over the last couple of years or so and today we pay tribute to Anthony Beeson one of the leading lights behind the design of the CollectA prehistoric animal models.

Anthony  Beeson – Expert in Palaeo-imagery

Anthony Beeson

Anthony Beeson.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/CollectA

Anthony Beeson

Each prehistoric figure sculpture is approved by Anthony, a highly regarded expert in palaeo-imagery.  Anthony has many strings to his bow, not just model making.  He is a well-respected librarian, archaeologist and collector.  He is based in the historical city of Bristol (south-west England).  CollectA currently manufacturers two ranges of prehistoric animal models, the deluxe scale model series and a more numerous not-to-scale model range.

To see Everything Dinosaur’s range of CollectA scale model dinosaurs: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life.

We look forward to hearing about CollectA’s plans for new additions to their growing model ranges.

As Anthony himself says, when it comes to these dinosaur models:

“Wishing you all a happy and educational year of play and collecting.”