What Some of Us Did on our Fabulous Summer Holidays

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What we Did on our Summer Holidays – Dinosaur Activity Days

Everything Dinosaur is a company staffed by qualified teachers, parents and real dinosaur experts.  Combining teaching skills with a knowledge of palaeontology, team members are able to assist teachers and youth group leaders by providing lesson plans and teaching resources to help young people learn more about Earth sciences.

Not only do we provide a support service to schools, educational establishments and home educators, supplying prehistoric animal themed teaching materials and advice in support of national curriculum criteria but we frequently are invited into schools to help bring a little bit of real life science to the classroom.

Dinosaurs continue to be a source of fascination for young people and interest in these animals can provide a basis for reinforcing knowledge, skills and understanding in many subject areas.  After all, not many people get the chance to talk to people who actually dig up dinosaurs, or handle real fossils including dinosaur teeth and bones.

For us, these sort of activities don’t stop when the schools break up for the holidays.  Our team members are in demand by play-schemes, leisure centre clubs and other local authority run programmes, helping to entertain and inform young people as part of the planned Summer activities.

Everything Dinosaur and Summer Activities

At the Science “coal face” Quizzed over Theropod teeth

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The children really like to get hands-on with the fossils, and whether it is casting their own replicas, creating their own prehistoric scene or helping to solve the puzzle of what colour dinosaurs were; one thing is guaranteed – we get bombarded with lots of really amazing questions.  It can be hard work trying to answer them all, but is also a lot of fun for the team members who participate.

Dinosaur Drawings mini Conference

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Exciting and Educational Products and Services

Team members at Everything Dinosaur are continually creating a range of accurate, exciting and educational products and services.  Our aim and intention is to motivate young people to learn more about science by participating in hands-on activities.   We are helping to engage and inspire the next generation of young scientists.  Outside visits can be arranged and the company remains dedicated to assisting with children’s understanding of science and helping to make learning fun.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.