Preparing Lesson Plans for the Next School Year

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Mary Anning, Evolution Preparations in Place for Dinosaur Workshops in School

Plans are well advanced at Everything Dinosaur to roll out new lesson plans for the company’s highly successful dinosaur workshops in school programme.  With the new school  year approaching, team members have been updating schemes of work and writing notes on extension activities to assist teachers and teaching assistants as they deliver dinosaur and fossil themed teaching topics.

We do a lot of work with schools and a visit from Everything Dinosaur certainly has a big wow factor.  Everything Dinosaur team members carry out a lot of work with schools and the pupil premium and our workshops are built around national curriculum aims and objectives including developing writing skills, aiding literacy and encouraging an understanding of simple scientific principles, relating to the National Curriculum.  Dinosaurs as a teaching theme lends itself to all sorts of ideas and extension activities and can really help enthuse young people to learn.

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Everything Dinosaur is staffed by teachers and real dinosaur experts and we visit schools to conduct dinosaur themed teaching sessions whilst working with National Curriculum learning objectives and intended outcomes.  We build in real aspects of palaeontology into our teaching work, enabling students to experience some of the science behind the study of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Our costs are made up of a subsidised amount for the teacher/palaeontologist’s time, plus travelling expenses and a small charge to cover the packing of fossils and any materials used in experiments that we conduct.

Topics covered include Mary Anning, fossils and fossil formation plus the basic principles of natural selection and evolution.