Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet entrepreneur Simon Nixon in an interview recently stated that “in the worldwide web, nothing stands still in this industry, change happens in a heartbeat”.

We are not about to doubt his words as we are constantly bombarded with offers, tips and promotions to do with our websites and in particular our main dinosaur and prehistoric animal website – Everything Dinosaur.

Still, over the last few weeks we have been working on two new initiatives related to our little company.  Firstly, we have added a Frequently Asked Questions section to our website (FAQs).  These pages went live yesterday and they feature a number of questions that have been asked by our customers and visitors.  We have done our best to provide further information, plus of course adding our contact details and the ability to e-mail us if any visitor should require further clarification or assistance.

Our new FAQ pages: Everything Dinosaur FAQ.

On the subject of frequently asked questions, we must write some web log articles on some of the more popular questions that our experts get asked, but this will have to wait for another day.

The second new development is going to be our first ever customer newsletter.  Rather than rely on our IT support  to write this we have decided that some of the less Internet savvy team members should get involved.   After all, it is all part of the customer service at Everything Dinosaur.

There are a couple of reasons behind this thinking:

1).  With e-commerce becoming more popular the rest of us had better brush up our IT skills.

2).  This gives everyone in the company the chance to learn a new skill.

Our first newsletter will be quite basic, but after all our attempts and the hours we have spent we are quite proud of it.  As teachers, parents and dinosaur experts we profess not to have a great deal of hypertext mark-up language experience but with a little tuition we seem to have completed this exercise without too many anxiety attacks.

Naturally, the best measure of our work will be in the responses we get from our newsletter subscribers.  We intend to send out the newsletter today (Wednesday), so we will soon find out.

Now to the next task, finding a way of publishing our first newsletter on this web log…

The industry may be changing rapidly, we tend to be a little less quick in our ability to update technology; we would rather focus on satisfying our customers and packing orders, so I guess we have got our priorities just about right.  However, today should see our first newsletter go out, so we may not be the fastest when it comes to grasping new ideas and technology but rather like the tortoise in the race against the hare; we get there in the end.