The New Dino Xcavator Game – Are you Brave enough to Dig out T. rex?

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Dino Xcavator Game – a novel twist on the classic family game “Operation”

We were going through some notes taken from our focus groups and family testers from the last twelve months or so, yesterday.  With so much going on at the moment it is an effort trying to keep the office tidy, but it proved well worth while as we were able to free up some office space.

One of the reports we came across was the feedback we received on one of our dinosaur themed games that was introduced last year; an electronic Dinosaur Excavation game – snappily titled “Dino Xcavator”.  The game is a new twist on the family game Operation, but instead of a patient to operate upon, removing tibia, fibias and of course funny bones (humerus), you have to excavate the skull, vertebrae, pedals and unguals (foot bones and bones related to claws); of a Tyrannosaurus rex!

Electronic Dino Xcavator from Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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The game is suitable for children of 5-years and older.  Using the special excavation forceps you have to test your palaeontological skills as you excavate your very own Tyrannosaur.  Watch out, touch the sides of the pit whilst you are digging and the T. rex will ROAR…  This is a multi-player game and the winner is the one who can excavate the most bones.  It is certainly a great dinosaur excavation game.

Take turns to draw a card, trying your best to avoid getting the job or removing the devilishly difficult caudal section (the tail bones); then using the special excavation tool try to remove a bone.  A steady hand is required plus a little knowledge about dinosaurs of course.

Carefully Does It! – You Do Not Want to Wake up this Dinosaur!

Digging out Tyrannosaurus rex.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur