Note from Teacher after Everything Dinosaur Visits School

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Teacher Sends Thank you Note after Dinosaur Workshop

With team members busy packing Christmas orders and getting them out as fast as possible, we have had to put some of our blog articles that we intended to write on the back burner for a while.  However, whilst we take a break from packing and despatching dinosaur themed gifts for Christmas, we have just got time to post up information contained in a letter received from a Year Two teacher after a dinosaur workshop was conducted by Everything Dinosaur with her class.

Lots of Examples of Excellent Handwriting from the Year 2 Class

Year 2 children study dinosaurs

A selection of letters received from the eager young palaeontologists at Great Wood Primary School (Morecambe, Lancashire).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Children Study Dinosaurs

The dinosaur workshop, which involved an entire morning of dinosaur themed activities and experiments all geared in support of the National Curriculum, was very well received by the children and the teaching staff.  In expressing her gratitude for the dinosaur themed school visit the teacher wrote:

“Dear Everything Dinosaur,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your visit to our school.  The visit was so worthwhile and the children have not stopped talking about it.  My class have kept referring to the things that Everything Dinosaur taught them whilst you were at our school and they have incorporated much of what was said into their own work related to dinosaurs.”

It is always a pleasure to receive feedback from one of our dinosaur themed visits to a school, it looks like the children got a great deal out of the morning they spent amongst the fossils and other amazing dinosaur themed objects that we brought into the school.

Dedicated Teaching Team

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