Dinosaur Pencil Sharpeners – 8 Dinosaurs to Choose From

Every week the team at Everything Dinosaur gets together to have a meeting, this usually takes place on a Friday or after we have finished work on a Saturday afternoon.  The first item on the agenda is to “put the kettle on” and whilst one of us makes the tea the rest of the team draw up an agenda and make sure all the points, issues and ideas that have arisen over the last few days are recorded so that they can be discussed amongst ourselves.

Dinosaur Pencil Sharpeners

One item raised a couple of weeks ago was to add Dinosaur Pencil sharpeners to our product range, we had looked a this product a while ago and although it had favourable reviews from our testers at the time, we never got round to adding it to our product range.

We reviewed the comments that had been made about these little plastic sharpeners with a model of a dinosaur on top.  Customers liked the quality of the item, it certainly sharpened pencils – which is always a promising start for a pencil sharpener.  They also liked the choice of eight different dinosaurs in the product range we had examined.

With one eye on all the school visits and Christmas Fairs that Everything Dinosaur attends at this time of year we decided to give these sharpeners a go.

Dinosaur Pencil Sharpeners – Eight to choose from

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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There are eight different Dinosaur pencil sharpeners to choose from.  I don’t know whether the manufacturers were aware of what they had done but there are are four saurischian (lizard-hipped) Dinosaurs represented by an ornithomimid (ostrich mimic), a sauropod and two theropods plus four ornithischians in the mix.   The ornithischians represented are an ankylosaur, stegosaur, ceratopsian and a pachycephalosaur.

My these manufacturer’s are clever!  They have created a simple product range that just about covers the diversity of the Dinosauria.  Somehow I don’t think this was done as a deliberate attempt to represent the main dinosaurian clades, more likely the different models were chosen because they looked good.  However, this little set illustrates the diversity of the dinosaurs very nicely – and that will do for us.  It is an excellent example of the dinosaur themed school supplies that are available from Everything Dinosaur.

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