Dinosaur Pyjama sets and Dinosaur Raincoats for little Monsters!

Historically, the girls have always been given the casting vote when it comes to deciding about any dinosaur themed clothing that we stock at Everything Dinosaur.  The boys tend to defer to them when it comes to sorting out suitable ranges and stock lines.  They have been known to venture into clothing exhibitions and fashion shows but the sight of them wandering up and down the aisles in their big, heavy outdoor boots is enough to put even the most ardent exhibition manager off.

To read an article on one of the team member’s visit to a clothing show click here:  Dinosaurs at the Fashion Show.

However, the girls have come up trumps again and we have just introduced a range of Dinosaur pyjamas plus a new raincoat for budding palaeontologists.

The pyjamas are made from 100% cotton and have proved to be a big hit with dinosaur fans, the samples we had in the Summer and the reaction to them have convinced us to add these items to our range.  They are pyjama sets, consisting of a trouser with a colourful dinosaur pattern and a top which has a dinosaur applique motif on the chest.  The caption on the top says “PJ Rex” we won’t get to fussy over the scientific accuracy of the theropod featured on the motif, or in the way that the manufacturers have misappropriated a species name by giving it a capital letter, but we will heartily recommend them.

To see the range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed items in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Everything Dinosaur’s Website.

The Dinosaur Pyjamas from Everything Dinosaur

Picture courtesy of Everything Dinosaur

Pyjamas are available in age ranges 3 to 7 years with chest sizes from 21 inches.

The Dinosaur raincoats are a real find, we have had lots of enquiries and I know that Sue and Margaret have been busy looking at a number of options and testing out ideas.  These hard-wearing, durable raincoats are made from 100% waterproof polyurethane with a terry cotton lining (78% cotton, 22% polyester).  They have a hood to keep the rain off and the coat has a colourful dinosaur pattern on it with lots and lots of dinosaurs (and the odd flying reptile).  There are even two front pockets for young palaeontologists to keep their fossils in.  We had a lot of fun deciding which prehistoric animals were represented in the artwork, there is a real mixture with Stegosaurs, Spinosaurs, lots of other meat-eaters but our favourite is the blue coloured Ornithomimid with orange spots – wonderful!

The Colourful Dinosaur Raincoats from Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Raincoats.

Picture courtesy of Everything Dinosaur

The raincoats will be available in age ranges 3 to 6 years with chest sizes from 31 and 3/4 inches.  Lets hope it rains!

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