The Universal appeal of Inflatable Dinosaurs – its all Dutch to me

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Inflatable Dinosaurs (Opblaasbaar Dinosaurs)

Whilst reviewing the website data that our Everything Dinosaur statistics package provides we have come across an odd keyword string that keeps cropping up.  This phrase had been noted in the past but recent upgrades to our statistics software has allowed us to drill deeper into the data to review an ascending list of keywords and meta tags used by surfers to find our site.

Based in the UK

Although, we are based in the UK, we have customers all over the world.  Like dinosaurs themselves, dinosaur fans are ubiquitous and can be found on every continent.  However, one common search phrase puzzled us; we did not know what this search term referred to.

The phrase, or rather word in question is“opblaasbaar”.  It kept turning up in our search engine logs.  We have some language skills between us but no one could work out what this word meant and in what context concerning a company made up of teachers, parents and dinosaur enthusiasts.


So far we have not found any direct translation for opblaasbaar, however we think it is either Dutch or Flemish for “inflatable”, as in inflatable dinosaur.  Blow up dinosaurs are very popular and we are lucky to have three different ones available on the Everything Dinosaur website.  Just how popular they are has surprised us, as it seems that people from all over the world log onto our website looking for inflatable dinosaurs.

We receive pics of our inflatables (particularly Tyrannosaurus rex), in fancy dress and pictures taken in places far and wide.  We even have been sent pictures of a T. rex inflatable wearing a blond wig and sunglasses a la Marilyn Monroe.  If we get any more e-mails with pictures we will have put some up onto this blog.

Even professional photographers are quite taken by our inflatables.  A journalist had been asked to write an article about our company and the accompanying photographer insisted on using an inflatable Tyrannosaurus as a prop in the pictures.

One of us is Full of Hot Air – but Which One?

Picture courtesy of Everything Dinosaur

Inflatable Dinosaurs

It is not just T. rex hogging the limelight, Stegosaurus and Triceratops are getting in on the act too.  We have received lovely letters from children telling us all about their adventures with these animals.  When you are five years old a 90 cm long Stegosaurus is quite the thing to take to the swimming baths.

Which brings us back to this strange keyword – “opblaasbaar”; it seems that either Dutch, Belgium or Flemish people have been looking for inflatable dinosaurs on the world wide web and through the magic of search engines they have found their way to us.

We are pleased that our products give so much pleasure to people.  It is nice to know that we are appreciated – thank you, or should that be “dank je” as they say in Holland.

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